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APPLE (Country: America)
SAMSUNG (Country: South Korea)
NOKIA (Country: Finland)
HUAWEI (Country: China)
HONOR (Country: China)
VIVO (Country: China)
OPPO (Country: China)
REALME (Country: China)
INFINIX (Country: Hong Kong)
TECNO (Country: China)
XIAOMI (Country: China)
QMOBILE (Country: China)
LENOVO (Country: China)
SONY (Country: Japan)
ONEPLUS (Country: China)
LG (Country: South Korea)
ALCATEL (Owned by Nokia)
HTC (Country: Taiwan)
MICROSOFT (Country: America)
RIVO (Country: Pakistan)
HAIER (Country: China)
MOBILINK JAZZ X (Country: Chinese)
MOTOROLA (Country: America)
BLACKBERRY (Country: Canada)
SONY ERICSSON (Country: Sony=Japan, Ericsson=Sweden, SonyEricsson=Joint Venture)
SYMPHONY (Country: India)
POCO (Country: China)
Mobile Phone Brands, Price and Specifications

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