The World’s First Smartphone

Worlds first smartphone
Worlds first smartphone

The World’s First Smartphone – 1992

Usually people think that the world’s first smartphone was introduced by Apple, but it isn’t true. The first smartphone ever was introduced by IBM in 1992 when there was no sign of an iPhone. The term ‘smartphone’ was first used for this phone.

World’s first smartphone (by IBM) was called Simon Personal Communicator and it merged together the functions of a cell phone and a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). The first smartphone was launched with a price tag of $899 with a service contract that was approx. 1435 dollars according to today’s exchange rate.

first smartphone
first smartphone

The IBM’s first smartphone was really a futuristic device at that time, its design consisted of a monochrome LCD Touchscreen that was 4.5 by 1.4 in measurement and it came with a Stylus. Yes, with a Stylus in 1992.

You could also use Simon to send and receive fax, email and pages as well. Not only this, it also provided a bunch of features like writing notes, address book, calendar, world clock and a feature to schedule appointments.

Simon also allowed its users to run third party applications if you went through storage problems or purchased a PC Card to insert into it.


You could also run third-party applications on the Simon if you went to the trouble of freeing up enough space internally or purchased a special PC card to insert into the phone. Simon did not gain a huge name like iPhones and Android Phones but still IBM managed to sell approx. 50,000 units.

World's first smartphone
World’s first smartphone

You can see the working of the world’s first smartphone IBM SIMON below in the video.

worlds first smartphone ibm simon video

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