Phone Curry – At some point in our lives, we all have realized that how convenient and easy our lives have become after invention of mobile phones. Phones have made our lives much more easier than ever before and there are more than millions of searches on the internet just about smartphones and phonecurry is one of the contributors that has made possible for us to get the information of any mobile phone without having to run on different websites.

If we say that there are more mobile phones on the planet earth than humans, it wouldn’t be wrong because each coming day brings hundreds of new mobile phone models in the market and people are spending a fortune on them no matter what price they come with. Phonecurry provided all the authentic information about all mobile phones and never disappointed us.


So, with the increasing amount of searches on mobile phones, we saw a startup known as ‘phonecurry’ that took the initiative of providing people with all the relavant and authentic information about mobile phones. The sole purpose of the phonecurry’s owner MR. SAHIL BAJAJ was to keep the people updated with whatever was happening in the smartphone universe and enable them to make a perfectly right decision of what mobile phone they should buy.

Phonecurry provided its users with a feature to compare the mobile phones according to their prices and other features to enable them to select the smartphone according to their taste. Therefore, Phonecurry made it to the peak in Google’s ranking.

Why Phonecurry came into being ?

Phonecurry helped its customers to choose the best possible smartphone based on various factors like camera, battery, display quality etc. The owner SAHIL BAJAJ needed to simplify the process of purchase decision making for people because other websites have alot of complicated terminologies that confuse the users.

So he made the made the purchase decision much easier for the users by simplifying the terminologies used on his website and made an easily understandable version of every detail about smartphones. This became the reason of his success and also this is why his website ranked higher on Google.

How Phonecurry was different from others ?

Phonecurry was different from other websites in several ways and some of them are discussed below.

Advanced Search Options

Phonecurry provided the facility to compare the smartphones in realtime based on their price and specifications. It also provided the users with categorized information e.g. smartphones from $100-$500 etc.

Simplified and Easy to Navigate UI

Phonecurry provided its users with a very neat and clean and easy to navigate user interface which was also one of the reasons that this website made it to the list of top ranking websites of google.

Provided News about Latest Happenings in Smartphone Industry

The website offered each and every news and feedback about mobile phones, therefore it had loyal customers that check this website regularly which resulted in high traffic of the website.

Sadly, Phonecurry is no more with us phonecurry

Yes! you heard it right. The Phonecurry was shut down on FEB 24, 2021 and the owner MR. SAHIL BAJAJ posted an emotional message for his beloved clients that you can see in the screenshot below.



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