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Finally, the anticipation has ended and our patience has paid off and we have seen that ‘Phone Hub’ feature has begun to arrive. This feature will brings the Android Devices and the Chrome OS much more close together.

Basically, Phone Hub brings some really cool features that allow the Android Devices and Chrome OS to work together more efficiently. In addition to some existing features like Instant Tethering, Smart Lock and Google Message Integration, Phone Hub brings you some cool features like Android Notifications, Silencing / Locating your phone and Recent Chrome Tabs, and all of these will be powered by Google Play Services according to our sources.

The access to Phone Hub is limited to some people for now but after some time it will surely be available for all of us to use and get never ending benefits from it.

Chrome OS Phone Hub Sneak Peek

In spite of the Phone Hub not being openly available, we have managed to get some shots of it for you to have a look so that you could be familiar to it when it launches world wide.

The new Chrome OS shelf comes with a new ‘PHONE’ shaped icon as you can see in the screenshot below. As you click on it, you get the options to instantly control your phone’s following functions:

  1. Enabling Hotspot
  2. Silencing Your Phone
  3. Making it Ring

The Phone Hub interface also displays the Signal Strength, Battery Percentage and directly links to your Android Device to display the Recently Opened Tabs on Chrome for Android.


Where as, the Standard Chrome OS Shelf Displays the Incoming Notifications from your Android Device. To differentiate the Chrome OS notifications from the Phone Hub Notifications, the phone’s name is displayed in the notifications which appear from your phone.


As expected, the Settings app has also gained some new options relation to Phone Hub, in Connected Devices section. You can in the screenshot below you have the option to Disable Incoming Notifications and Chrome Tabs or Turnoff the Phone Hub completely.

As the Phone Hub is available to a limited number of people till now, but it will only take a few days more to be rolled out to the rest of the public. With what we have seen so far, we can conclude that Google has created your Phone’s competitor on your Windows PC. Hopefully the Phone Hub will fully launch parallel to the Chrome OS 89 or 90 probably in March and April.

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