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Our Take On OPPO F19 PRO

OPPO introduces F19 PRO. Starting a detailed review of the new OPPO F19 PRO so OPPO introduced three devices on oppo f19 pro plus and oppo f19 pro there is also a future f19 later now this device is compatible with f9 pro and this device is a 4g chip and this device comes with AMOLED 48 megapixel quad camera display a 16 megapixel selfie camera and get the right battery and this is powered by helio uh p95 octa-core processor which is not the best out there.

If we talk about that for a while so that’s the low hardware offered on this device so let’s see how good a fraction of the price is 49,999 that’s the price of the oppo f19 pro now let’s start with the detailed feature. so let’s start so let’s take a look at the make-up and build quality now if you look at the make-up this is a very compact and lightweight tool and very small and you can see that the size is very nice and very light almost under 180 grams one of the easiest devices out there sounds great compact using the 6.4 3 inch form factor and is a really nice place.

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Sounds very fun enhanced make-up looks really good rectangular camera design looks good and overall finish is also very good and here you find eliminating the cold type even though it is a lot of carbon fiber is a kind of frozen finish that feels really good now when the design is well designed and we will call you something that has been challenged

At this price point so make and build overall quality feels really good when you get a punch punch camera on the front panel which also sounds good so in terms of design and build quality we are very happy with what OPPO f19 pro is offered next let’s talk about the display now we get the display AMOLED out here to see if we are a molar display and it has excellent colors the response response also sounds very nice and this is a normal start no 120 hertz or 90 hertz disappointing maybe because a standard 60 hertz would give at least 90 hertz super proceeding which is the missing feature in this price range.

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The display quality looks really good color and bright the display and viewing angles and touch response sounds really smooth and the overall display quality of the amulet panel looks vibrating now next let’s talk about the software ware so this is an important factor because the opposition has been ongoing upgrades software now this device comes with Android 11 and color 11 now uh this device comes very clean and minimalistic ui oppo did very good work with color os 11 and offers many customization options and get the best out of your device.

Memory management principles suggested color os did very well in our tests so that is where oppo did very well so the software experience is really good no ads in this ui is very clean and very easy to navigate and the app drawer all works well so, depending on the color experience os.

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This device is powered by a helio p95 octa core processor with 8 gigabyte ram now is where things are a little different or a bit uncomfortable because the p95 is not a really powerful chipset this part of the price uh oppo should have gone better chipset at least uh if not 5g chipset at least something in the snapdragon series or helio p95 or other g95 would be the best option because g95 really works chipset but helio p95 is not A good chipset is at least a fraction of 21 to 22,000 priced and the game experience is very limited on this device.

Even if there is a 22000 pricing device the game experience is kind of a really disappointing scale so the processor is not the best there but in terms of daily experience we provide a good experience no lags uh we haven’t seen any stoves here but uh the performance of the chipset is satisfactory at least half of the price offered should have been

The best chip in this device so that’s the working side so this is not recommended for gamers in this price section now let’s move on to the camera to get a 48 megapixel quad camera you get 8 megapixel ultrawide depth sensor and -macro sensor and in front you get a 16 megapixel selfie.

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Camera now the cameras have been really good here now even on oppo pro19 and also the cameras are right now here and you get a very good camera experience and the daytime shot is very good sharpness details the details were correct if not very good when it was really good and there was no great filling challenges and full experience with a wide angle also looks good and and not the best there but yes this will not disappoint many users offer very good brightly colored pictures and close-up photos also come out well.

Low light light was not at all a good thing there but also amazing in the way of night mode opening it actually produces excellent photography results and we are very happy with what we have given you with night mode although it may not be the best out there in terms of camera experience but it is by no means a disappointment for many users so that is a camera feature for cameras it really looks promising.

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So this device comes with 4310 mah battery and 30 volt volt charging now volt charging uh it takes uh uh more time than the 50 watt charging that was in the oppo f19 pro plus but 30 watt this really good charging speed and you get it right. Battery life is actually or more of a day of battery life easily on this device so battery life is good and opposed to doing good depending on the color os and therefore battery life is really good that was a detailed review.

Oppo f19 pro so if you buy it now this device is priced at 21490 for 21 500 rupees so you should buy it so if you want a good device in terms of experience especially with color os ad free good camera experience good amoled display and design lightweight and good battery life this is definitely a tool to consider but if you are a gamer or looking for a more efficient device or if you are looking for a 5g device this is definitely not going to go because helio p95 is not the best chip for this price component so that was the advantage and dangers of OPPO f19 pro.

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