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Apple mobile has came up with two different phones the iphone 12 pro max but also the iphone 12 mini which will be a very small phone so I want to keep updating both but we will start with the iphone Size 12 pro. we’ll take a quick look at what goes into the box with their new package and make a size comparison that throws you next to the iphone 12 pro let’s continue to look at the 12 pro pro and see how big this phone is.

let’s start as you can see we’ve got a pacific blue iphone 12 pro max now let’s take a look at a larger phone that puts the phone to one side for a moment let’s see what we design is an apple california sim tool tool and one apple sticker and finally just your charging cable type c in lightning connection no charging brick inside the box has never been slow

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details on the matter can be linked to the video below in the description and to pro max immediately. Note that the camera mode is definitely a little bigger than the pro because the camera is

a little different now before you have a sticker to let you know where all the buttons are so I’ll open it and let’s take a look at the hardware below you have your microphone plug and one of your stereo speakers right on the right side you’ll just notice some fingerprints collecting fingerprints on the sides with pro this is actually -genna 5g and take a quick look at the power button as a quick comparison pro and pro max have power buttons of the same size there is nothing to look up at the top notification that a small camera bump has and moves to the left of your silent ring button and volume -rocker and when we change the ringer it has orange inside and like other quick comparisons the volume rockers are the same however the sim card is closer to the volume rockers at max than the real ly not so much This is the difference I have seen and the more I look at that blue color I think it should be my favorite color.

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followed closely by gold but also to look at that camera module as i said you can definitely say it is too big in the background as you can tell that the camera module is definitely too big for max with the same style lens broad ultrawide angle and telephoto but max has some built-in camera technology inside because apple had more space to work with and comparing quick size hand reliability when holding it doesn’t feel different as i expected it would definitely be bigger but then just hand it doesn’t feel very different you have 6.1 inch display compared to 6.7 inch display and also slightly larger but to me it is still free to hold. I was missing a bigger display while using a pro so definitely

i think i will enjoy max a bit especially because

will bring better battery life now however I will continue to run

with the startup process talk about anything remarkable as normal which motivates us to stop face id let’s do that very quickly on camera so installing my face just keep going and rotating and ready when the scanning is finished let’s keep doing one more and we’re all set I believe I think it’s yep face id is now set i always thought this is amazing it gives you an example of what it looks like and without the true tone of tone i always turn it off but when you finish launching you have to go into the display settings to turn it off. motivates you if you would like to use black or simple mode i like both so i will change them according to the time of day you can zoom in or normal and that is very welcome on the iphone now when we are on the home screen here is a preview of both the same technology display oled yet with a different size of 6.7 inches compared to 6.1

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An inch is something I also see that max is actually heavy so while it may not feel like a crazy amount bigger than a pro but it really feels awkward about what it means I’m happy to see it close to 12 minutes not letting unboxing come soon stay tuned that obviously you get more screen area here are a few examples you will see on the youtube website i can see who made the video how many times it was viewed and when i go to settings in airplane mode at

above you will see how many other icons below just a few below but they certainly show a lot on the screen where I don’t have to print too much not only that you have a great display but

and a larger battery inside so you can definitely get better battery life

at max and finally with the difference of having a camera you should see better performance in low light i will do a check between two calls.

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