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Find My Phone
Find My Phone

Find My Phone – Guide

Smartphone manufacturers today, give this name Find My Phone or a similar name to their software/service they provide to the users so that they can track their lost devices. These softwares provide users with an approximate location of their device so that they get an idea where they left their device.

These softwares also not only work over internet, but they also help the device owner by sending locations over SMS, Phone and Emails. This helps the device owner to track their device easily.

Every smartphone manufacturing company has its own software with a slight change in name. We have listed below some manufacturers and the services they offer.

Apple – Find My

Find My – Functions

  • Play a sound
  • Display a message on screen
  • Lock it down immediately
  • Erase it

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Microsoft – Find My Windows Phone

Find My Windows Phone – Functions

  • Play sound on lost device
  • Lock it
  • Display a message on screen
  • Erase it

Click Here To Know How To Use Microsoft Find My Phone

Google – Find My Device

Find My Device – Functions

  • Play a sound
  • Lock
  • Erase

Click Here To Know How To Use Find My Device

All of the above mentioned are the major smartphone manufacturers and their offered services along with their functionalities.

Google Find My Device
Google Find My Phone

Some applications may have some limitations in their functionality depending upon which area you live in or which country you are from.

Apple - Find My
Apple – Find My

Otherwise most of the applications offer same services. Similarly there are some free apps available as well as some paid applications are also listed in the app stores of the devices respectively.

Find My Windows Phone - src=Windows Phone Central
Find My Windows Phone – src=Windows Phone Central

Similarly, same applications have their computer versions as well. In case you lose your device and you don’t have any other device to locate yours, you can sign in to these apps via computer and locate your lost device.

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