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What is Boost Mobile ?

In this article you will learn following things about Boost Mobile:

  • Network Coverage
  • Plans and Pricing
  • Phone Selection
  • Customer Service
  • Boost Mobile Vs T-Mobile Connect

1. Network Coverage Of Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile was owned by Sprint and it used Sprint’s network but now the customers have full access to T-Mobile network. Dish Network acquired the Boost Mobile as a merged part of Sprint and T-Mobile and this acquisition gave the access of Dish to T-Mobile Network for seven years.

Meanwhile, Dish was expected to develop its own 5G network.

But for now, Boost Mobile’s customers are using T-Mobile’s Network so if you are thinking to switch, make sure that T-Mobile is has a strong coverage in your area.

Click here To Check If Your Area Comes Under Boost Mobile’s Network Coverage.

2. Plans And Pricing Of Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile offers a variety of affordable Prepaid Plans including both Unlimited and Limited Data options.

When Dish acquired Boost Mobile, five new plans were launched under $50 and there are some amazing deals for light data users. They give you options of $10, $15 and $25 per month (including taxes and fees).

Below you can see some Prepaid Plans of Boost Mobile:

Boost Mobile Prepaid Plans
Boost Mobile Prepaid Plans

Boost refers the $45/month plan as ‘Shrink It’ plan because in this Plan, monthly price drops to $35 after six on-time payments.

All of the five prepaid plans consist of unlimited talk and text and a fixed amount of data. Also they can be stacked to create a family Plan.

As far as unlimited plans are concerned, they start at a $50 per month for a single line. Honestly, its not an extraordinary deal. Prices for unlimited plans improves with multiple line like for two lines its $80 per month.

3. Phone Selection

Boost Mobile gives a relaxation to its customers by giving them an option to bring an existing device or purchase a new one.

In case you want to keep your old phone, it must be unlocked.

Check Your Device’s Compatibility By Clicking Here…

If you want to buy a new phone, Boost Mobile has a variety of option for you to purchase in-store and online.

Boost Mobile offers many deals on there phones.

Click Here To Check Out The Deals Page.

4. Customer Service Of Boost Mobile

BoostMobile has to offer better customer service than other mobile phone service providers.

Boost Mobile also provides the facility to live chat with their agent for any help. And if you want to contact them on phone, Here is the Boost Mobile Contact Number 1-866-402-7366.

5. Boost Mobile Vs T-Mobile Connect

According to our research, Boost Mobile is the cheapest for light data users. Rest you can see below.

Some More Details

  • Taxes and Fees: Boost Mobile’s plans are inclusive of taxes and fees, but you have to pay them additionally with T-Mobile Connect.
  • Data Caps: T-Mobile Connect and Boost Mobile plans include high-speed data caps which means if you go over your limit for the month, you’ll lose access to data unless you pay extra.
  • Annual Data Upgrade: With T-Mobile Connect, customers get an additional 500MB of monthly data every year for five years after the plans launched.

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