AnTuTu Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark


AnTuTu is a Chinese based Benchmarking software tool that is widely used for benchmarking performances of mobile phones and other devices and it is owned by Chinese Company Cheetah Mobile.

The company behind the development of this benchmarking software is based in Chaoyang District, Beijing, and it was co-founded by some entrepreneurs named as Shào Yīng and Liáng Bīn.

As the AnTuTu benchmark became so common and started being used world wide, the smartphone and other device manufacturers started to cheat this benchmark so that it could not display reliable performance scores. In reaction to this, AnTuTu created a new version known as AnTuTu X that is almost impossible to cheat and gives reliable results.

We have listed some of the versions of AnTuTu and their functionalities below.

12011– CPU performance,
– 2D / 3D graphics,
– SD read / write
– Database IO.
22011– Support for double core.
– New 3D benchmark that better shows game performance.
– New OpenGL based 2D benchmark.
326-11-2012– Support for four cores and new graphics chips.
– Support OpenGL ES 2.0 3D benchmark for 3D game performance test.
– New 2D Benchmark for 2D Game Performance test.
– Add compare page to compare scores with hot devices.
– Support x86 and MIPS platforms.
404-09-2013– Benchmark to User Experience (UX): Multi-Task and Dalvik.
– Support for octa-core.
– Support OpenGL ES 3.0.
– New scene in 3DRating Benchmark.
– Improved classification of Memory and I/O.
528-08-2014– CPU single-threaded performance testing
– New engines graphic performance: 2D(Cocos2D) – 3D(Havok).
– New test for 64-bit CPU.
– New test HTML 5.
– Support for Android Runtime (ART).
– Update algorithm of total score.
– Unify criteria of Antutu X(prevent fraud and cheating).
603-12-2015– New designed 3D Testing Scenes based on Unity3D 5.0: Garden and Marooned.
– Add new UX testing items and increase UX testing proportion.
– New CPU Testing Added (based on the majority use of a single core).
– New Score Proportion.
– Cross-platform.
701-02-2018– New designed 3D test scenes: Refinery and Coastline.
– Support OpenGL ES 3.1 + AEP.
– Support Tessellation and Shadow.
– New UX tests that better reflect real-world use cases (Scroll, WebView and QR code).
– New score proportion.
– One tap to verify your device.
– In-depth device info about battery temperature, battery level, and CPU load changes.
AnTuTu Versions and Functionalities

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