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How to Find Your Lost/Stolen/Snatched Mobile Phone

Here’s What You Should Do Right Away!

1. Track your mobile phone

Most of todays devices come with their own tracking functionalities that get activated mostly with your play-store/app-store id’s unless you provide any other email id.

For Android, you can use Find My Device app and for iOS you can use Find My iPhone app.

If these services are activated on your phone, you can easily get your phones recent location.

For Android:

Your mobile phone must fulfill following conditions:

  • It must be turned on.
  • A google account must be active on the device.
  • It must be connected to Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.
  • Must have location turned on.
  • Must have FIND MY DEVICE turned on.

Track your Android Device by following these steps:

  • Go to Android Device manager.
  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Next page will show you the recent location of your mobile phone if internet of your phone was turned on.
  • You can also Enable the lost mode or erase all of your data by using this feature.
  • You can also retrieve your data if you had enabled cloud backup on your device.

2. For iPhone/iPad/iPod touch:

To track your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, your device must have Find My Device feature enabled.

If Find My Device is enabled, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to iCloud.com using the Apple Id of your lost device and navigate to Find My Device, or if you have another device with Find My Device enabled, use that device to track your device.
  • Once you have got access to Find My Device app, now you can track the location of the lost device. If its nearby, use PLAY A SOUND feature to locate the device.
    • If device is not nearby, mark it as LOST. This will lock your device and display a message on the screen with owner’s contact information.
  • Report your device to Law Enforcement Agencies. They will ask you for lost mobile phone’s serial number / imei number that is mostly located on the device’s box.

Unfortunately if your lost/stolen/snatched device cannot be found, follow these steps:

  • Use Find My Device to Erase your device remotely so that your data cannot be misused by someone else. (erasing your device will wipe all of your data including contacts, messages, photos, credit, debit, or prepaid card information).
  • Ask the Law Enforcement Agencies to block your device so that it cannot be used on any Network Carrier anymore.

In Pakistan, you can report your Lost/Stolen/Snatched mobile phone by following these steps:

You can block your lost/stolen mobile phone in Pakistan by approaching the CPLC (Citizens-Police Liaison Committee). This committee has record of all the IMEI numbers of mobile phones in Pakistan.

You can report the lost/stolen phone to CPLC by registering a complaint on their website (click to open CPLC Website) and choose to track or block your phone.

For registering the complaint you must know the IMEI number of your mobile phone that is written on the box of the phone.

If you have got the IMEI number of your lost/stolen/snatched mobile phone you can report it to CPLC by fax (021-35683336) or by emailing the IMEI number to imei@pta.gov.pk or through an online form on CPLC’s official website.

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